June 19, 2010

Eating Tour in Cabramatta

For me one of the best things about living in Sydney must be the large variety of cultures and cuisines it has to offer. Today I joined a few food bloggers on a tour around Cabramatta, guided by Amy and Betty who are both locals and know the area like the back of their hands. The amount and variety of food available is just mind blowing: food is everywhere and everyone seems to be there mainly for the food. I was absolutely fascinated by everything I tasted and saw today. I can't help feeling like I have just spent a day in another country!

Here's what we ate and saw in Cabramatta.

When you're in a Vietnamese area, you can't go past pho. This was my first ever pho with rare beef, beef briskets, beef balls & beef tendons. So very tasty and warming.

Some street snacks: Nem Chua is Vietnamese cured pork with pork skin, chili, garlic and mint.
Such an interesting texture and flavour.

Small savoury dish with egg, prawn and spring onions - Very oily, but so soft and delicious.

Fresh durian
Avocado and durian smoothies pured thick and mixed with ice and condensed milk. I quite liked both of them, but probably couldn't have a whole lot of either.

Banana blossoms

The local ladies selling their home made dishes

More fresh produce

Loads of fresh fish and other seafood, and so cheap it's unbelievable!

Colourful cakes

Vietnamese cakes and desserts, 3 for $5!

And a selection of desserts I came home with... A bit sweet for my taste, but so colourful and fascinating!

Pandan waffle, look at that colour and yum, I could have these every day!

Small custard cakes were fresh and still warm.

How popular is this place?

The locals know where the food is good...

and this crispy chicken was absolutely delicious! The best I've ever had. No doubt about it.

And there is a wide selection of drinks available, like these ones: the egg yolk milk & soda was my favourite and the drink with beans and pearl barley was definitely interesting!


A popular Vietname & Chinese Fast Food Shop

Condiments at Tan Hung Vuong

Banh Hoi Nem Nuong: BBQ Pork sausage on vermicelli noodles topped with crunchy peanuts. Those sausages were so tasty!

Banh Cuon: Steamed noodle sheets with pork mince & wood ear mushrooms

Umm, guys are you sure there is a restaurant there?

Oh well what do you know, there is one!

Duck leg with egg noodles at U.E. Chinese Restaurant

Beef with egg noodles - The beef was so tender and tasty

What an amazing, unforgettable day. Thank you so much Betty and Amy for showing us your suburb and thank you to all others for coming along!