June 28, 2010

Din Tai Fung, Sydney CBD

Din Tai Fung has a wide spread reputation as a highly organised, effective and high quality controlled restaurant chain with an army of masked robot-like dumpling makers. I had seen these robots and tasted their dumplings before, but hadn't had a chance to visit the only Australian Din Tai Fung restaurant at the World Square in Sydney. Therefore I was very excited to join a few food bloggers and finally try out what else this place had to offer.

I was the first one to arrive (us Finns being typically punctual) to the restaurant on a chilly Sunday and started getting slightly worried about the growing number of people lining up. The restaurant doesn't take bookings after 12 o'clock and if you ask for a table for a certain number of people you have to have everyone arrived before they can escort you in. Perhaps it was the cold weather that kept the crowds away, so we were lucky to get a table within 10 minutes after everyone had made it.

As we sat at the table a waiter placed a foldable basket next to our table and asked us to put our handbags in. The basket was then covered with a red cloth. I was equally surprised to feel someone touching my back as I realised another waiter was putting covers on everyone's jackets that we had hung up on the chairs. This is what I call organised!

I was relieved to be amongst food bloggers because I knew we would get to try many different dishes. Here's what we had:

Vegetarian dishes: Above the vegetarian delight with sea weed, tofu and noodles. Below the vegetarian bun with spinach and mushroom filling.

Crispy chicken was one of my favourites, and the fried pork chop was equally good.

Steamed green vegetable and pork dumplings

Steamed pork dumplings came with instructions on how to eat them... I still managed to burn my mouth on the hot soup inside the dumplings. Check out those folds! That's what this place is all about!

Prawn and pork dumplings looked like cute little mushrooms

Delicious dumplings with chilli sauce

Sauteed spinach

Tofu with pork floss and century eggs. I had to order this dish because those eggs just looked so interesting! The texture of the eggs was indescribable; jelly-like egg white with a soft and pungent yolk. I could definitely have these again! I loved the pork floss, but to our surprise the tofu was served very cold, and might have been nicer as slightly warm.

I am so fascinated by the century eggs ! They look fantastic!

And we had some desserts: Mango ice was challenging (carving the ice reminded me of Finland in winter when the car windows get iced...), and perhaps more suitable for a summery Sydney day.

Taro dumplings are filled with soft and sticky taro paste.

Taro ice cream with taro bread was my favourite.

Crispy deep fried pastry filled with soft taro paste.

All in all Din Tai Fung did live up to my expectations and I can happily tick it off my "to try" list!

Din Tai Fung

World Square Shopping Centre,
644 George Street,
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

TEL: 02 9264 6010 12


  1. *heart* yum cha! Really miss going too, in Auckland we used to go for lazy brunch on Sundays, my fave are the soup dumplings (when you don't burn your mouth) ;P

  2. Argh!! I am extremely bitter that I was not able to go and instead had to stand like a dummy being pricked with needles for a overly puffy bridesmaid dress. OMG those dumplings look to die for :( I'm glad you enjoyed your meal. The desserts look divine!

  3. This all looks good except for the century eggs, you can keep those. I tried these in China and just couldn't appreciate the flavour. Sorry I couldn't make it :( to dumpling heaven

  4. the mango ice looks fantastic! haha so you liked the century eggs? im afraid im not a fan but i do like dtf's tofu

  5. Wow it's always good to go there with more ppl so u get to try more varieties. I love their dumplings with chili sauce and the fried chicken too! I usually have DTF when I go to taiwan - because it's soo cheap over there!

  6. Ahh I just had DTF in TW not long ago and sorry to say that it is better than the one here :( I am disappointed in the way they make the ice desserts here!

  7. Haven't had dumplings in a while, those look fantastic!

  8. What a great place! The food looks so good!



  9. Great to get to meet you and very impressed with your unabashed enthusiasm to try foods =)

  10. it was great to finally meet you and put a face to your blog! and don't worry, i'm forever burning my tongue on the hot soup in those dumplings - no matter how many times you eat them, it still happens!

  11. Delicious! The dish look's so yummy..fabulous place...

  12. Ah those steamed pork dumplings - the xiao long baos - are AWESOME at Din Tai Fung! In fact dare I say the best!! The only other place I've had xiao long bao as good is in NYC!!! :)

  13. Wow, I'm so impressed by their swiftness to cover your bags and coats! The dumplings here are always so pretty, and I love century egg too :D

  14. The dumplings here are pretty tasty - you've got to try the pork and crab dumplings next time - it's my favourite thing on the menu and one of the signature flavours of xiao long bao.

  15. They do have the routine down pat at DTF, from the ordering to the seating! The food's not bad either, and like you, I can't get enough of the century eggs :)

  16. Aaah... I love those ones in the spicy chilli sauce :) and your shot of the wall mural!

  17. So sorry I couldn't make it then. It sounds like you had a really wonderful time! :D

  18. they do an amazing job at making such beautiful looking dumplings don't they although i do find them just a bit too much on the expensive side and not as flavoursome as your basic dumpling houses like Silk Road, Shanghai Nights and Sea Bay across the road. :-)

  19. I missed the dumplings with chilli sauce - that was delish!

    You should try the hot sour soup from there next time and the Dan Dan noodles


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