May 23, 2010

Spice Temple, Sydney

To be quite honest, I first got intrigued to visit this restaurant because of their rather mystical-vibed website. The menu looked interesting too, so the decision was clear: I must try this one out.
Complimentary spiced popcorn (containing a mix of spices including paprika, chilli, and cumin) while waiting for my friend to arrive.

Complimentary lemongrass and rose petal soda. Sometimes it pays off to get chatty with the bartenders...

Cucumbers with smashed garlic and ginger - Refreshing and tasty

Hot pot of fresh shiitake, oyster, enoki and wild Chinese mushrooms, Yunnan style - The broth was incredibly full of taste. I love mushrooms and they soaked in all the goodness of the broth. The smaller size is enough to serve two very generously.

Stir fried quail and peanuts with steamed egg custard - "spicy, crunchy, creamy" - so true! This dish had so many textures and flavours and the soothing egg custard was really lovely with the spicy crunchy mixture.

Tea smoked chicken with black vinegar - This is a method of cooking I've been wanting to try at home for ages, so I was really keen to see how it tasted. The dish was very fragrant and the taste was intense. Again, very generous portion as we are talking of a whole chicken here.

Sadly we had a time limit on our table (we arrived at 6.30 pm so we had to be out by 8.15 pm) so we didn't have any time for desserts. The craving for sweet (and more wine) had to be fixed at the Guylian Chocolate Cafe with this dark chocolate ice cream.

Spice Temple was definitely an interesting culinary experience with a trendy atmosphere. We were pleasantly surprised by the generous portion sizes, the overly friendly and helpful staff and the offering of a doggy bag to go! Next time I wouldn't mind trying out their desserts and the exciting collection of teas!

Oh and yes I did see Neil Perry walking (I wouldn't use the word "storming" because it has a somewhat aggressive echo to it, but he certainly wasn't just strolling) in and out of the kitchen, but didn't dare to stop him for a photo!


  1. It's been months since I visited spice temple. When I last went there we had the banquet and I missed the tea smoked chicken. I wish I had tried it. Gives me an excuse to go back!

  2. Great looking restaurant. The food looks brilliant. Neil Perry certainly know how to put on a good feed.

  3. the tea smoked chicken is fantastic! and good work with the free drink hehe

  4. That tea smoked chicken looks amazing and must have been delicious with the black vinegar

  5. Nice choice for a meal Maria! I really enjoyed my meal there a while back. I don't like time limited tables though, I wonder if this is a regular thing?

  6. wow everything looks great, so many flavours playing around in your mouth :)

  7. The tea smoked chicken looks gorgeous! Neil perry spotted :)

  8. Thanks for all your comments guys! I am even more intrigued to try this method at home now!

  9. Neil Perry sure knows his way around a chinese kitchen. The food looks fantastic! I really want to try tea-smoked chicken too. Time limit on tables can be anti-social.

  10. Oh what I didn't get free stuff when I was there!
    The tea smoked chicken looks amazing. I really want to go back!
    You should have snapped a paparazzi shot of Neil Perry lol

  11. Amy: I agree, I don't really like the time limit but it's understandable especially if the table is booked for two. There's only so much two people can eat (although we would've eaten more had we more time!)

    Tangerine: No free stuff? Maybe it was because I was hanging at the bar waiting for my friend...


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