May 08, 2010

Simply the Best in Five Dock

It was our friend's birthday and he had booked us a table at a Chinese Vietnamese restaurant in Five Dock. "Simply the Best" was the modest name of this place and our friend had promised we were in for a fun night. The owner, William, is certainly a character. He seems to have endless energy as he wonders from one table to another, taking care of each and every customer in this small restaurant. He is also a very good host which makes it easy for large groups to dine here.
Food is not bad either ;-)

Rice paper rolls to start of with

Spicy calamari - "House special" (there are a lot of those on the menu)

Bok choy - "Because ladies like to have more vegetables"

Beef with mint, ginger, chili and lettuce - "Very yummy", just like William promised

Beef with ginger, mint and chilli

Saigon chicken - Another "house special", the chicken was very moist and tasty with a crispy skin

King prawn in tamarind sauce - the sweet sauce was delicious

All in all a superb night!


  1. I like the name of this restaurant! "Simply the best" ...

  2. Hehe wiht a name like that there's a lot to live up to isn't there! :P

  3. Drool, the Saigon chicken looks so yummy :)

  4. Ellie: Looks like they definitely got the name from the song and you can only imagine how I had the song in my head for days after!!

    Lorraine: Yep, sure do! :D hehe

    Tangerine Eats: It was definitely my favourite!

  5. The Saigon chicken looks so delicious! Mmmm crispy skin


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