May 04, 2010

Must have - Iloleipuri Baking Supplies

All images by Iloleipuri

In the risk of practicing some self promotion, I have to gently steer you to this website. To all of those who find Finnish language incomprehensible, I can tell that this company chose Aamukahvin ääressä to be the baking blog of the month! It was my fist ever recognition and I have to say it feels really good!

I have to admit that they do make the cutest cake tins! Just look at those adorable Moomin cookie cutter and cake tins! Most Finns would have a soft spot for these cute characters. These are all added to my shopping list for my next trip to Finland :)

Silicone cake tin by Iloleipuri
Cake tin by Iloleipuri

While on the subject of promotion I should also mention a local (that is, Sydney based) business called Your Display Gallery which is the best place for odd vintage props. Make sure to check out their blog list as well ;)


  1. oh ho! I am in love with all things muumin suddenly :) Wish there was more available here but I suppose there is low demand. And once again, onnea!

    Does that make sense to use in this context? :)

  2. I love all these baking supplies! Must go shopping with you one day (when my back is better!)

  3. Amanda: Thanks! And yes, it does make sense :)
    Ellie: Absolutely we should!


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