May 25, 2010

Makoto Sushi Bar, Chatswood

I had been keen to visit this sushi bar for a long time, but usually the shopping trips to Chatswood are so hectic I rather go home than hang around any more than necessary. This time we were, however, on such a good mood after a successful shopping that we decided to sit down and enjoy a nice lunch as a reward. This is definitely a popular spot, we were there bang on at 12.30 and got seats but by 1 o'clock there was the familiar queue of people behind the front desk waiting to be seated.

Salmon and tuna sushi

Tuna sushi - always a favourite

Salmon sushi

Grilled scallop conveyor - So melt in your mouth I could've had more...

Beef roll - Interesting flavour combinations, but a tad dry

Shrimp sushi with some kaviar

Mediterranean roll with sun dried tomato, seaweed salad and pesto on top!

Couldn't let this pass... Green tea crepe filled with green tea cream... Seriously delicious.

I must say it could be much thanks to this place I can now look forward to more shopping in Chatswood!


  1. Would you say this place is better than Ozeki outside Chase? ;)
    Haha I know the feeling, usually after shopping I just want to go home and rest my poor feet!

  2. The grilled scallops with salmon and mayo looks delish!!

  3. Thanks for your comments guys! :D Tangerine: I don't think I've been to Ozeki... Probably for the afore mentioned reason!

  4. the green tea crepe looks awesome
    and the scallop conveyor... YUM!

  5. Oooh those scallops look beautiful and that crepe is one I'd definitely be trying myself

  6. Betty&John: I could go back just for the green tea crepe...but I'm thinking of recreating it at home! :D

  7. Great find Maria! That scallop sushi looks really divine-I think I could easily eat 10 of those! :P

  8. The green tea crepe is something I haven't seen before. It looks pretty appealing!


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