May 10, 2010

Burnt Orange, Mosman - Mother's Day Lunch

I don't usually like going to the same place twice. I simply can't afford to because there are far too many nice places to try! But the Burnt Orange in Mosman is different. I know I've blogged about this place already a couple of times, but this was still a lunch well worth mentioning. Another great thing about this place is that I've now taken a few of my friends here with me and they are always pleased with the food and amazed by the beauty of this place!

It's also great to finally find a nice restaurant for Mother's Day that doesn't have a rip-off Set menu for lunch! I did book early though and the place was fully booked when we arrived :)

Flinder's Island lamb pot pie with flakey homemade puff pastry and salad greens - The puff pastry was definitely flaky and superbly tasty. Lamb was so tender and it was cooked along with vegetables in a beautifully rich stock.

Refreshing and tasty Grilled Szechuan chicken salad with orange, mint & coriander and a pomegranate molasses dressing

Crispy skinned Confit of chicken on braised red cabbage & apple with a cider honey glaze

Wonderfully rich and tasty Pumpkin, goat's cheese & walnut tart with Melissa's carrot jam and fresh herb greens - The base was so tasty and crisp and the combination of soft tangy goat's cheese with sweet pumpkin was delicious. I would love to have the recipe for the carrot jam as well!


  1. My absolute favourite place!! We always go there for breakfast but never for lunch. it's nice to have a peek at their lunch menu. I always linger at the basement for the longest time I can.

  2. Absolutely Ellie! I seem to spend a fair bit of time browsing the food shelves upstairs and then heading downstairs and I can never get out of there without buying something!


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