May 17, 2010

Adriano Zumbo Cafe Chocolate, Balmain

I have a confession to make. I had never heard of Adriano Zumbo until recently and this is most likely due to a) me not watching Masterchef (anything even with a hint of reality tv'ness is a no go for me) and b) me living under a rock. I am, however, proud to let you know that this humongous lack of common knowledge has now been fixed and I have had a pleasure to visit the cafe and sample some of its offerings first hand. I was joined by lovely Miss B who shares my passion for desserts and food blogging :) Thank you Miss B! XX

Berry tart with flaked almonds - The pastry was beautifully crispy and the berries gave the tart a lovely tang. Simply a delicious choice.

There is not a hint of dryness in this piece!

The coffees were frothy and welcomed by a relieved sigh (at least on my part)

The famous Chocolate fondant with raspberry and vanilla anglaise injection (served conveniently from a syringe) and peanut butter gelato - I am convinced that this is the only dessert in the whole wide world that can be served from a kidney dish along with a massive syringe. The reason being that once you get pass the first impression and dig your spoon into the dessert you are greeted with awesomeness all around and you forget anything else.

"One must not play with food", I was always told as a kid. But we did what we were instructed to do...
and went to town with it. The fondant was warm and so moist. The contrast of the peanuts and the smooth sweet gelato made the dessert absolutely delicious!

Such a nice little hide away this place was! Next time we must be more patient and line up to buy some of Adriano's cakes from his near-by patisserie...


  1. I've only been to the patisserie but this place looks amazing :) Love the kidney dish and syringe, and the lovely photo of the man reading the paper in front of the menu!

  2. Thanks! I thought the old man looked very "Paris" :D

  3. luv the photo of the man reading the paper :O)

    the coffee was really nice too, im not usually a coffee drinker but this one hit the spot

  4. john@heneedsfood18 May 2010 at 11:21

    That berry tart looks sensational!

  5. oh my the chocolate fondant looks amazing! Im scared of syringes but i dont mind poking it into a dessert! didnt try their famous macaron?

  6. No, didn't try the macaron, but maybe next time :)

  7. Gorgeous photos Maria! :D I was hoping he would have changed the desserts at the cafe now. They've been the same for a while now!


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