April 08, 2010

Last Bits of the South Coast

I have a few more places and pictures to show you before I'm done with the beautiful South Coast of NSW!

On our Jervis Bay day we visited the Coolangatta Estate which is the site of the first European settlement in this region. After some wine and cheese tasting you can take a self-guided tour around the convict-built village and inhale the beauty and the calmness of the place (something that was perhaps lacking in the crowded Nan Tien Temple!) Accommodation is also available if you wish to stay longer.

Wine tasting on offer

Leaving the coast we headed inland towards Kangaroo Valley.

Hampden Bridge is Australia's oldest suspension bridge

Fudge House and Ice Creamery in Kangaroo Valley town has free fudge tasting :-)

Kangaroo Valley still had breath taking views despite the cloud

It was a rainy (and misty) day at Fitzroy Falls...

The award winning Gumnut Patisserie in Bowral sure was a popular spot!

Lamb and rosemary pie from the Gumnut Patisserie... mmm

South Coast definitely has some great scenery and food to offer! Berry was my favourite :-) Can you tell?


  1. I can tell that Berry was your favourite! :D And wow that pie shop has so many awards! :O How was the pie?

  2. The pie was DELICIOUS! Definitely worth a visit to Bowral!

  3. Hehe you're definitely tempting me to go back! :P And it's getting to be pie weather too!


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