April 10, 2010

Delicado Foods, McMahons Point

I really like Spanish food: chorizos, sardines, olives, jamon, paella, all of it, so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to a lunch at Delicado Foods.

I was drooling over the deli looking at all those olives and chorizos

The jamon

The interiors are very colourful and Hispanic

Mediterranean Olives: varieties include arbequina, sevillano, ligurian & others, house marinade

These were possibly the best olives I have ever had (mind you I haven't been to Spain)

Roasted salad of eggplant, semi dried tomato, beetroot, artichoke & baby spinach

Sardine tartlet, braised fennel, olive tapenade, roasted tomato

The pastry was so flaky without being too buttery at all, the sardines were perhaps a bit mellow, but the olive tapenade on top was just delicious

Coffee and check out the spoon (Tamworth Country Music spoon)